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Glassbox 유리상자

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About Glassbox 유리상자

Glassbox 유리상자 is a pop-ballad duo that was formed and debuted in 1997 with a song "The True Love Story 순애보".


  • Members:

    • Park Seung-hwa 박승화

    • Lee Se-joon 이세준

      • Radio DJ at 국악방송 오후10시~12시 《이세준의 음악이 좋은 밤》​

      • YouTube channel 민트박스TV 운영

  • Top Hits : <Can I love you? 사랑해도 될까요> <To My Bride 신부에게> <The Beautiful World 아름다운 세상> 등 다수

  • K-drama or Movie OST : Drama <Spring Waltz 봄의왈츠>, <Love Struck in the City 도시남녀 사랑법> Movie <First Kiss 키스할까요> and more

  • Studio Albums : Total 20 albums including 11 full albums

  • Concerts : Over 1000 performances including 유리상자의 사랑담기

If you have any business inquiry, please contact us.

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